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Consumer's Guide to Digital Close (Buyers & Sellers)

Last Updated: Jun 10, 2018 07:40PM CDT

Setting Up Your Account

You will receive an email invitation when your documents are ready for review.  The email invitation will contain a link for you to create your Pavaso account. 

Note:  If more than one person is required to review the documents before the closing, each of you will need to create your own Pavaso account and complete the pre-closing document review process.

1. You will receive the email invitation from Open the email and select “Create Your Account”. Note:  You may see the logo of the company you are working with.

2. Create your Username and Password.

     A. Your username must be at least seven characters. You may use your email address as your username.

     B. Enter your username again to confirm.

     C. Your password must be at least ten characters.

     D. Enter your password again to confirm.

     E. Select “Create” account.

Note:  Select the icon to view tips on creating your Username and Password.
3. Read the “Terms and Privacy Policy” and select I agree, please verify my account and you will be redirected to your home screen within the platform.

Select the Digital Closing application on your home screen to start your pre-closing document review. Note: You may see the logo of the company you are working within place of the Digital Close logo seen here.

4. You will then be prompted to create a 6-digit PIN that you will use throughout the Digital Closing process. 

     A. Enter your PIN.

     B. Enter it again to confirm.

     C. Select “Save”.

Note:  Be sure to remember your PIN! You will need it at your upcoming closing.
5. On the welcome screen, select “Start” to launch the slideshow tutorial. You can skip the slideshow tutorial by selecting “Skip”.  

Navigate to the slideshow tutorial and select “I Got It” when complete.
Note:  You can reopen the tutorial at any time using the gear icon on the far right of your screen and toggling the switch to the right.

Reviewing and Confirming Your Documents

My Closing Dashboard

This dashboard lists your upcoming closings, recent closing activity, past closings, and information about Pavaso. 
     A. CURRENT CLOSINGS – includes your documents for your upcoming closing.

     B. RECENT ACTIVITY – displays all recent activity for your closing(s).

     C. PAST CLOSINGS – displays all past closings.

     D. ABOUT PAVASO – provides a video tutorial and information about Pavaso.


1. To begin your pre-closing document review, select your property from the CURRENT CLOSINGS section of the screen.

2. A consent form for the use of electronic signatures will now pop up. You’ll need to read and accept this to verify that you would like to receive your documents digitally before the closing. Then select “Accept” or “Decline”.

Note: Selecting “Decline” will not allow you to review your documents digitally in advance of your closing.


Pre-Closing Document Review

The Pre-Closing Review phase allows you to review your closing documents, get educated about your upcoming closing, and ask any questions to the businesses you’re working with.
A. Filter, Change View, and Search – You may filter through your documents based on document status by selecting the filter menu. You can change the view of your documents by selecting the list or grid icons. You can search for documents using keywords and by selecting the search button.

B. Helpful Icons 

  The checkmark icon allows you to finalize your pre-closing without confirming all your documents. Any documents not previously confirmed will be opened and discussed at the closing.

 The document icon allows you to view the closing package order details and contact information of the people involved in the process.

 The pen icon allows you to setup or edit your signature.

 The paper airplane icon allows you invite individuals, such as trusted advisors, to view your documents. Keep in mind any individual you invite will be able to see any sensitive personal information on your documents.
 The speech bubble icon allows you to ask a question to the businesses you are working with. 

C. Documents Pending Review – Your closing documents required for review and confirmation will be displayed as icons.

D. Description – An overview of what you can do during this phase of your pre-closing.

E. Educational Content – This may be available to you to help you understand the process.

F. Notes – You can take any notes for your reference. 

G. Notification(s) – If you have any questions throughout the process, you can send secure messages to the businesses you’re working with via this notification center.

To send a message to the businesses you are working with, select “New Message”. Select the recipient from the “To” drop-down, enter your subject, enter your message or question, and select “Send”.


Reviewing and Confirming Your Documents

1. Hover over the first document icon and select the “Let’s Review” button. The very first time you open a document a popup with short instructions will display. Read through them and then select “OK”.

2. Scroll to review each page of the document. If the content is accurate, select “Confirm”.

Note: The “Confirm” button will not be enabled until you have scrolled through the entire document.


Note:  After you “Confirm” a document, the next one will automatically appear. If you choose not to confirm a document, use the arrows at the top or bottom of the screen to skip to the next document.

3. The companies you are working with may sometimes have you sign, initial, or complete certain checkboxes or text fields. To complete this tag, select the placeholder box.


4. For example, you might be required to sign a document before you can confirm it. You will be prompted to create your digital signature. You can use your mouse or a touchscreen to draw your signature and initials. Select “Adopt” and then “Ok”

Note: Select “Delete” to redraw if needed.

5. Your signature will now be placed onto the document. Select “Confirm” to continue to the next document to review.

6. If you confirmed all of your documents, an option to continue to finalize your pre-closing document review will appear. If you’re ready for closing, select “Continue”. If you have any questions, select “Ask a question before finalizing my review” and you can contact the company you’re working with.

Note: Confirmed documents will appear with a green checkmark.

Finalizing the Pre-Closing Review

1. To finalize your pre-closing document review, select “Complete” at the top of the screen, then confirm “Yes” in the following popup 

Congratulations on completing your pre-closing document review!

This page will contain information regarding your upcoming closing.
The information on this page includes:

     A. Your closing agent

     B. A list of information and items necessary to complete pertaining to your closing

     C. A map to your closing location

     D. Your complete list of closing documents

Note: Your closing date is scheduled directly with your closing agent. 


Resetting your 6-Digit PIN

1. If you need to reset your PIN, open the Digital Closing application from your home screen. On the PIN input, select the “Reset a forgotten PIN” link.

2. Confirm you would like to reset your 6-digit PIN by selecting the Reset button and then OK.

3. You will be redirected back to your home screen. Re-open the digital closing application, and you will now be prompted to create a new 6-digit PIN. Type your new PIN and select “Save”.

Note: You will receive a confirmation email that your PIN has been requested to be reset.

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