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Released 03/03/2018

Last Updated: Mar 04, 2018 07:44AM CST


1.   Signature QA Report Displays Correctly

Affected User Role(s):  Closing Agent(s)

During Web Closing (Closing Agent Access) if the QA process is turned OFF when the Web Closing begins but is then switched ON after the first wet signature document is printed and imported, the Signature QA Report will display the document status correctly.


2.   Activity Log Displayed in Notifications

Affected User Role(s):  Closing Agent(s), Borrower(s), Lender(s)

Selecting Notifications > Activity Log will correctly display the Activity Log on the notifications screen.


3.   Creating or Adding "Other" Closer to an Order

Affected User Role(s):  Closing Agent(s),  Lender(s)

When creating or adding "Other" Closer to an Order, the Company and Closer Email Address drop-down menus will be disabled.


4.   Print Multiple Wet-sign Documents (Borrower Declines eConsent)

Affected User Role(s):  Closing Agent(s)

During Web Closing and have consumers have declined the eConsent, the Closing Agent has the ability to print multiple wet-sign documents at once. 


5.   Unique Party Role Identifier and External ID Required for Companies and Branches

Affected User Role(s):  Lender(s)

The Party Role Identifier and External ID are a sequence of alphanumeric characters to identify the owner company (typically the Lender Company) on the payload. This information is required for payload integrations and should be unique to the company and/or branch.

6.   Time Column Added to My Messages

Affected User Role(s):  All

The time column has been added to My Messages.


7.   Date Tags Can Be Moved Independently of Signature Tags

Affected User Role(s):  Closing Agent(s)

Signature tags are placed on documents with corresponding date tags. Selecting and moving a date tag will no longer bounce the date tag back to the signature tag frame.


8. Document Review for Buyers and Sellers Independent

Affected User Role(s):  Borrower(s), Seller(s)

The “Buyer Complete” button functionality should be based on the tasks that are pending for consumers (and, of course, if there are notary tags that are related to the consumer signature tags). 
If there are no remaining tasks specific to the consumers who are authenticated (regardless of non-consumers who are logged in and/or PIN authenticated), then the “Buyer Complete” button should be enabled. This doesn’t mean the order can be closed—the consumer(s)’ portion can be completed without the order getting closed.

9. Primary Admin Contact Information Hidden in Pavaso Certified Finder

Affected User Role(s):  All

To promote proper channels of communication between notaries and Companies, we have removed the Primary Admin contact information from Pavaso Certified Finder.

10. DocVerify – Backing Out of DocVerify During Web Close Marks Task List as “Buyer Done” 

Affected User Role(s):  DocVerify eNotaries, Closing Agent(s)

During Web Close, if one DocVerify document is signed and the user backs out of the order, the Task List displays the buyer has completed the process. This issue has been corrected and correctly displays the correct Task List status.

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