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Lender Configuration Settings

Last Updated: Jun 28, 2017 01:11PM CDT


Accessing Configuration Settings:

  1. On your Home Dashboard, click on the “My Company” tab on the upper right of the screen.  
  1. Click on the “Edit” link next to the company in which you would like to view and/or edit the configuration settings for.

  1. On the left side of the screen, click on the “Configuration” link 


Configuration Settings: Defined

1.  Allow Pre-Drawn signature:  Allows the Borrower(s) to choose from several fonts for a system generated signature instead of creating a digital signature of their own. 

2.  Enable Multi-Stage Order Approval:
This setting breaks an Order’s configuration phase into two: Lender and Title configuration.  
  • When an Order is submitted into Pavaso, it will only be available to the Lender.  After configuring the Order, the Lender can then release the Order to the Title company so that they can finish their own configurations and send to the Borrower(s).

  • The Title company can then make their own configurations before inviting the Borrower(s) to the Order.  

Note: If this option is DISABLED, the Order will be available to both Lender and Title, when the order is pushed through to Pavaso.

3.  Print Bundle of Documents:  Option to have a link to open a printable pdf file of the entire document package.

4.  Show IE Warning: Web Closing Signature Drawing:  This option will show a message during the Web Closing platform that warns of a potential issue with drawing signatures on the Internet Explorer browser.

5.  Lock “Signing Process” of Order to:  
  • Approve All, Sign Once: The Borrowers’ signatures will automatically apply to all documents that have been both reviewed and accepted when the closing is started.
Note:  For any document(s) that was reviewed, but not accepted by a Borrower, that same Borrower, must click on each assigned tag to place his or her signature initials, etc..
  • Sign Each: All Borrowers must click on their respective tags in each document to apply their signature, initials, etc.

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