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Lender's Guide

Last Updated: Dec 09, 2016 12:19PM CST

Accessing Digital Close Enterprise

  1. Go to, enter your credentials (email and password), and click on the “Sign In” button to sign into your account.
2. On the Dashboard, click on the Digital Close Enterprise Application and then enter your PIN in the next pop-up.


Adding a Broker 

Once the Closing Disclosure has been submitted into Pavaso from your Doc Prep provider, you will be able to add a Broker to the Order.
Note: At this time the Closer will receive an email invitation (new user) or notification inviting him or her to review it.  Also, the Borrower will receive an invitation email to join Pavaso in the meantime.
  1. In the Order Lobby, click on the Order to open.  

Notice the Order’s status is “New.”  Once opened the status will change to “Under Broker/Title Review.”
​The Closing Disclosure will show an “Awaiting Approval” status as it is waiting for the Closer to review and approve.​
2. Click on the “Edit” link, under the property address on the left side of the screen.

Note: In the Edit Order screen, you can also edit other Order details. 

3. Scroll down to the Additional Party section, fill out the Broker’s information and role as “Loan Officer,” and click on the “Save” button at the top of the page.

The Broker will now receive an email invitation (new user) or notification requesting the Order be reviewed.  


Optional: Modifying Other Assigned Users (Lender, Closer)

On the same Edit Order Details screen, you are able to change or add other assigned users to an Order.  
Just scroll to the corresponding section and make the necessary modifications by using the drop downs or other field, if you cannot find it.

Closer/Broker Review

If either the Closer or Broker decides to request a revision, you will receive an email notification with comments or attachments of the corrections needed and the Order will go into a “Revision Requested” status.
  1. Make the necessary corrections to the CD in your Loan Origination System, run it through your Doc Prep, and re-submit it into Pavaso. 
Note: Any changes will be added or overlapped on to the existing Order, but nothing will be deleted.
  1. You can also choose to use the “Add Documents” link to upload the corrected CD directly into Pavaso (in PDF form).
The updated Closing Disclosure will save over the original and its status will change to “Awaiting Approval” again.  The Order/CD’s status will also be “Under Broker/Title Review” again.

Note: All previous versions will be accessible through the “View Previous Versions” button within the document.

When the Closer and/or the Broker have opened the Closing Disclosure, you will received a Read Receipt notification email.
Once each has, approved the Closing Disclosure, you will also be notified by email and the Order and CD will now be in the “Pending Review” status.
A notification email will go out to the Borrower advising that the document is available for review. 

Bypassing Closer and Broker Approval

If, for any reason, the Closing Disclosure needs to be sent to the Borrower immediately, you can bypass the Closer and Broker Approval and send it directly to the Borrower.
  1. In the Order, click on the “Closing Disclosure” link.
  6. Scroll through the entire document and click on the “Send to Borrower” button.
  1. A notification email of this will go out to all parties as well.
Note: After bypassing, the Closer and Broker will still be able to review and approve the Closing Disclosure, as long as the Borrower has not yet approved. 

Borrower Review

  1. Whether the Closing Disclosure was approved by both Closer and Broker or sent to the Borrower directly, the Borrower will receive an invitation email with instructions on how to join Pavaso and review the CD. 
  1. Once the Borrower has opened the Closing Disclosure, you, the Lender, will receive a read receipt email notification. 
  1. Once he or she confirms the Closing Disclosure, all parties involved will receive another email notification.
Note: After the Borrower confirms, the Closer and Broker will still be able to review the Closing Disclosure, but not approve
If the Borrower has an issue with the CD, he or she can send an internal email through their Pavaso account to any and all parties involved with the Order.
Note: If corrections are made after Borrower approval, resubmit the CD into Pavaso, and the process will start all over again starting from the Closer and Broker review.

Click on the below attachment link for a copy of this guide.

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