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Registering as a Pavaso eNotary

Last Updated: Sep 03, 2019 12:28PM CDT

Note:  This guide is intended for Closing Agents who are directly employed by a title company.  It is not for independent notaries.  Certified mobile closers should request billing to Mobile eNotaries.  See Registering as a Pavaso Mobile eNotary.

Accessing the Notary Screen

  1. Within your Pavaso account, click on the eNotary* application icon on your Home Dashboard.  

If you do not see this icon on your dashboard, hover over your name at the top right corner and select My Profile. Choose the Notary link from the menu on the left side.

Notary Billing Information

  1. Under the Notary Billing Information tab, select Add New.  
  1. Select Send billing request to a company from the drop down. Enter your company's name. Select Continue to proceed.

Note: Billing must be established to continue with the registration process.

Billing Request Pending
An administrator from your company must approve your billing request. They are notified via email when a billing request has been submitted.
You will be notified via email whether your billing request has been approved or rejected. Once the request is approved, you may proceed with the eNotary registration steps.
 Approval Example:

Rejection Example:


Notary Information

  1. After receiving your billing approval email, log in to your Pavaso account and navigate back to the Notary section of your profile.
  2. Select the Notary Information tab and complete the required fields. Select Next to proceed.

Notary Commission Information

  1. Under the Notary Commission Information tab, choose the Add New Commission button.
  1. Enter your commission information exactly as it appears on your stamp and click Next.  
  1. Confirm all entered information is correct. If corrections are needed, choose Back. Review your entry and click Next to continue.  

Printing and Importing Your Notary Form

Important Note: The following steps must be completed during the same log in session. If your session times out, log back in and repeat steps starting under Notary Information.
  1. Choose the Print Notary Form link to open a PDF of the Notary Affidavit of Identification form.  If your information is correct, print the form.
  1. Complete the form. Remember to provide your stamp, a copy of your ID, and sign. You may not notarize your own form. Once completed, scan the document back to your computer and save as a PDF.
  1. Select the Import button to upload your completed form and then Next to continue.  
  1. Confirm the entered information is correct, including your seal.  If you need to edit your seal, click Crop notary seal.  If all is correct, choose Submit.

Approval Pending

Once the above steps have been completed, your submission will be reviewed by Pavaso Support. You will receive an email if your registration has been approved or rejected.
Approval Example:

Rejection Example:

After your information is approved, you are a registered eNotary with Pavaso.

If your request is urgent or if you have an inquiry regarding your submission, please email  


Pavaso Support

Business Hours: Monday – Saturday 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM CST
Phone/ Closing Hotline: (866) 288-7051, option 3
24/7 Online Help Library: Log in to your Pavaso account and select Help next to your name.
*Due to state law or regulation or both, electronic notarization is not available in all areas.
Pavaso, Inc. All rights reserved. This document, its content and its materials, in any form or media, is proprietary and confidential and shall be considered the sole property of Pavaso. It may not be copied, distributed or reproduced in whole or in part, nor transmitted to any third party without Pavaso’s prior written consent. Pavaso makes no express or implied warranty respecting the information presented and assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions
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