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Viewing Tasks

Last Updated: May 03, 2016 10:47AM CDT
Section 1: Starting the Web Closing Process
Section 2: Buyer Access
>>> Section 3: Viewing Tasks <<<
The next three steps in this section will help you understand the Task List and List of Docs.
Section 4: Digital Signatures
Section 5: Printing and Importing
Section 6: Buyer Complete
Section 7: Closing Agent Access
Section 8: Completing the Order



Step 8 – Overview of Tasks

In this next screen, a task list will appear on the screen showing an overview of the number of actions each user will need to complete during the closing.
  • After going over the tasks, click on the “Start Closing” button to continue.

Step 9 – Opening the Task List

On the next screen, you can use the “Task List” button to open a pop-up with a more detailed task list.  In the pop-up, there are two tabs: User and Document
User Tab:
The User tab shows the number of tasks remaining for each signer (Buyer, Closing Agent, Notary, etc.)
  • Click on the red numbers to see what specific documents are incomplete by the corresponding signer.
Document Tab:
The Document tab shows the number of signers needing to complete tasks for each document.
  • Click on the red numbers to see which specific signer(s) need to complete tasks for the corresponding document.
Note: A green check mark means that all tasks have been completed for each corresponding signer. 
  • Click on the “Close” button when finished.

Step 10 – List of Documents

On the left side of the screen, there is a List of Docs section.  This section shows a thumbnail view of all the Order’s documents.  Each document thumbnail has a color-coded tab according to the following:
  1. Blue Tab: Indicates that all document required tasks (signatures, dates, text, etc) are complete.  Unless the tab indicates otherwise, no other action is required.
  1. Orange Tab: Indicates that the document needs a digital signature by someone other than a Notary (Buyer, Closing Agent, Lender, etc).
  1. Brown Tab: Indicates that the document needs a Notarial signature.
  1. Green Tab: Indicates that the document is marked for wet signature and either needs to be printed or imported back.
Note: A green check mark on any thumbnail means that all tasks have been completed and no further action is required for that particular document.
You can use the drop down to view either All, Completed, or Incomplete documents.
  • Select Incomplete from the drop down to begin tasks.
  • Click on the first thumbnail to open the document and complete the required tasks.
Clicking on a document thumbnail will make each of the pages in that document a thumbnail as well.  Once all the page thumbnails are displayed, you will see the page needing a signature highlighted with a “Sign Here” banner.
  • Click on that page thumbnail.

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